We will be serving the children with kindness, love and compassion. Letting them know and feel they are loved by our actions.
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    Justine Gorger

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    We are so happy to support such a great cause. We pray for a safe and wonderful time for the volunteers and the children.

About One of Mine

American teams from all over the United States volunteer two weeks of their time serving at camp during the summer. They are responsible for leading games and crafts, singing of songs and performing skits, sharing their testimonies, and praying for and with the children. A Romanian team is also at camp, partnering together as they translate and minister. The camp is fully funded by donors so not a single child is turned away from attending this priceless opportunity each summer. We want each child in the State Placement Centers to have the chance to learn about how they can have a relationship with Jesus Christ, and that is only made possible by the many faithful volunteers and donors to our ministry. Are you interested in supporting the Camp of the Good Shepherd and providing for a child to attend camp? A week of camp for one child including: room and board, c.amp tee shirt, craft and game supplies, and hygiene items is only $70. Your gift could make all the difference in the world for that child!

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